Hiring the right attorney is crucial for any successful business. Pizzuti Law LLC represents clients regarding formation, operation, financing, acquisition, and succession. With a long history of representing local businesses including many restaurants and bars, we are able to provide legal guidance and representation for a multitude of business objectives.


One of the first and most important steps of any new business is its initial legal formation. The firm helps clients determine which type of structure is best suited for their business. We assist in the process of forming corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships. The attorneys work closely with clients and their accountants to ensure that business formation is done properly and efficiently.


The firm works with local lenders who provide capital for the client’s business. It is essential that the attorney, client, and lender work together. The attorneys at Pizzuti Law LLC work with local lenders and understand the various customary requirements and the nuances of each lender.


The firm provides landlords and tenants with legal representation interpreting and drafting commercial leases and related documents. Understanding a client’s particular business allows the firm to prepare a lease that is best suited for the client’s needs. From large commercial leases to residential leases, the attorneys at Pizzuti Law LLC work with clients to draft effective leases without violating the statutory requirements of Massachusetts landlord and tenant law.

Acquisition and Succession

Whether the Client is purchasing a new business or selling their business, the firm can assist throughout the process. Protecting a client’s interest while ensuring that the transfer occurs in a smooth and efficient manner is paramount during the business transfer. The attorneys at Pizzuti Law LLC will assist in negotiation, document interpretation, licensing, transaction preparation, and any additional transactional legal needs of the client.


The firm represents clients with contract interpretation and negotiation. Legal representation is available to clients for any type of contract, including asset purchase contracts, vender contracts, service contracts, employment contracts, and consumer contracts. An attorney from Pizzuti Law LLC will ascertain your business goals and help ensure that your contracts address your business objectives.